Too Much of a Good Thing

As with all good things, it's possible to overdo exercise. Although exercising is a great way to maintain a healthy weight, exercising too much to lose weight isn't healthy. The...

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What’s Right for Me?

One of the biggest reasons people drop an exercise program is lack of interest: If what you're doing isn't fun, it's hard to keep it up. The good news is...

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Reap the Rewards and Benefits of Exercise

Do you really know what kind of benefits you can get from exercising regularly? All the time you probably hear people saying how exercise is "good for you,” but do...

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How to have a well-balanced exercise routine

There are 3 components to a well-balanced exercise routine Aerobic exercise Strength training Flexibility training. #1. Aerobic Exercise Like other muscles, the heart enjoys a good workout. A great way to provide it...

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How To Hike

  So you’re ready to feel the crunch of leaves under your feet and immerse yourself in the wilderness. Luckily, it’s easier to start hiking than you may think. Start small. Stepping...

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Why is Water Always the Best Choice

People don’t give water much credit these days. Nowadays they just push it to the side and drink soda or energy drinks instead. All of those drinks don't offer sufficient...

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What are Concussions?

In the U.S. according to the Brain Injury Institute, there are between 1.6-3.8 million concussions every year. Concussions are not something to mess around with or take lightly it is...

Great Ways to Get Focused Before a Game

   All athletes have moments when they freak out and become overly nervous before a big game like the playoffs, championship, or by just playing in the last few minutes of...

What Not to Drink After a Workout. Read this to find out what is better for you.

Sports Drinks After a workout, you don’t want to consume more calories than you burned. If you've done a particularly hard workout, you may need to replenish your electrolytes, but you...

Looking for gifts to give your sports crazy kids?

A custom Big Head of your favorite player, your child. Available at starting at $20.99. "Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book of Why Sports Edition" This book will make them a winner at...

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From One Sports Mom to Another: Parents are getting a “BAD” Rap and I’m tired of it!

If you are a social media junky and follow any youth sports content, you can’t help but to see all the articles on “BAD” sports parents and how they are...

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How to Grow Your Sports League

As a league administrator, when you hear the word marketing your thoughts probably turn to how to increase the gate and sell more apparel. While there isn’t anything wrong with...

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Preparation on a Plate: Proper Nutrition Will Ensure Peak Athletic Performance

No matter what sport you play, there’s always that one moment in the game that can make all the difference. But what if I told you the real moment of...

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Winning in the Winter

Winter means snow gently falling, sipping hot chocolate, (hopefully) enjoying the holidays, and all those other things that make us feel all warm and fuzzy. But as the snow begins...

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14 Points to Being a Key Parent

Tell your Child every time you watch them play, "I loved watching you play today!" Please think about how that would make you feel! I know that would make anyone...

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