We hire people, not positions

If you want to use your talents to improve and expand one of the following areas, then we want to talk to you!


We're all about Fabulous Software! Our technology team is made up of .NET coders, App developers, Windows and AWS server managers, SQL database administrators and whatever it takes to run a software company.

SuperPower? Creative thinkers! We're always improving our software and we need you if you're a thinker outside the box. Our software is about giving people more time to spend on what they like to do, not getting bogged down in day to day tasks. Have experience that will make our team stronger?

Client Support

We love our clients! If you like interacting daily with other people, solving their problems and offering ideas to improve their lives, then this is for you.

SuperPower? Making Friends! We make lasting relationships with those who use our services. Even when they stop, we still like to check in with them and see how they are doing. Our clients are not a job, they're part of our family. Want more friends?


Want to shout from the rooftops how we can help! Being a Tech company has its advantages, jeans and teeshirts, flexible work hours, cool colors, out of the box thinking. But all that relies on letting people know how we can help them.

SuperPower? Outspokenness! Do you love playing around with colors, writing creatively, designing print materials? Can you share on Social Media? Then being a part of our marketing team is for you.


Sharing what we know! We want to improve our site and the sites of our clients. This is an ongoing process that involves research, creative thinking, designing content and of course, the dreaded proofreading.

SuperPower? Stylist! Do you like making things look better? Can you look at something and say "How can I make it stand out more? What can we do to share better information?" Then come work an on our websites.

Business Development

It's all about that hussle! We need partners that help us improve our services and reach more clients. This is a mixture of chasing down leads, opening doors and fishing with some great bait.

SuperPower? The gift of Gab! If you are persuasive, like to follow through, don't want to be tied down to a desk job and like to help craft the tools you will need to be a success. Then, by all means, gab to us.

Sports Nut

Do you love Sports? 90% of our clients are sports nuts too. We are fortunate to be able to work in an industry that we love and have years of experience in.

SuperPower? Sports Fan! If you are passionate about sports, we can find a role for you in our organization. It may fit into one of our Super Powers or you may create a category all your own.

What are we missing?

Don't see your SuperPower? Tell us what we're missing! Just because we haven't thought about it, doesn't mean we don't need it.

SuperPower? You tell us!

What do we offer our employees? We're a startup so we're a land of opportunity... what do you want to get out of working with us?

We offer Good coffee, friendships, casual dress, flexible work hours, working remotely, a wage based on your superpower, profit sharing, being part of a growing company, having a voice in the direction of the company and being appreciated for your talents.

SO, why wouldn't you want to work with us?

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