Concessions Items that Sell

Selling concessions at sporting events are an age-old way to raise money for worthy causes. Deciding on what to sell at your event can be difficult though. If you want to keep your concessions selling follow this very important rule: Offer tasty menu items--no one wants to buy burnt hot dogs and flat soda.

Classic menu items like popcorn, hot dogs, chips, soda, and water are always good choices. Adding a few less common items to that classic menu can often catch the attention of an unsuspecting fan and contribute to your revenue.

Try these

Pickle on a Stick

Pickles sell surprisingly well at sporting events and are a high profit item. Place them on a stick and they are the perfect menu item.

Walking Tacos

This innovative version of the traditional taco receives a lot of attention in a crowd and can be a fun concession. Just be sure that your customers are well-equipped with napkins in case of any accidents.

Cup O’ Veggies

Everyone knows that carrots, celery, and peppers were made to dip in ranch dressing. Reinvent this healthy treat by placing the veggies and dip both in a plastic cup.

Have fun customizing these concession ideas to meet your event’s needs!

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