Great Ways to Get Focused Before a Game

   All athletes have moments when they freak out and become overly nervous before a big game like the playoffs, championship, or by just playing in the last few minutes of a game. By using these techniques you can calm these nerves.

Don’t stress about the game

   Professional athletes before every game have a moment of silence. They use this time to get their minds focused on the game and what they want to do during the game. By doing this it helps to calm their nerves and reduce stress.  

So before every game take a moment of silence and deep breaths to calm your nerves and focus on what needs to be done. Everyone has muscle memory so your body already knows what it has to do during the game, so there's no need to stress. By using this technique it helps to control your nerves and may even improve the way you play.

Have confidence in yourself

   Every time you go out onto the field, track, rink, court etc. always believe in yourself and,  believe that you can do whatever you set your mind too. When you go out there give 110% tell yourself you can do it and to keep going. Even if you lose a game, never let the thought of ‘It was all my fault we lost’ enter your mind, but you can learn from your mistakes and improve on them. Everyone makes mistakes so, don't blame anything on yourself.

Don’t overthink the game

   When you go into the game never imagine yourself making a mistake or losing. This can affect your performance in a game by psyching you out before you play. Also, do not think too much about the game because it may cause stress that can affect your performance during a game.  

   Sports are a great way to become physically fit and a great way to socialize and meet friends.  However, at the same time, it can bring stress and nervousness. These negative effects can be honed and turned into positive effects that help to improve the way you play.  

So instead of being nervous and stressed because of a game take a deep breath, calm down and watch your game improve.

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