Hockey Fun Facts

The Montreal Canadiens have won the most Stanley Cups than any other team in the National Hockey League, with 23.

The longest game ever recorded in the history of the NHL was the playoff game against the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Maroons which went into six overtimes that is 180 minutes of hockey.

The Stanley Cup was originally 7in tall, now it is 35in.

Jacques Plante was the first goalie to ever wear a facemask in 1959.  He did this because he was shot in the face which broke his nose.

Wayne Gretzky has eight out of the ten best scoring seasons in the history of the NHL.

Hockey pucks were originally made of cow poop.

If both goalies are injured during a game the coaches can choose any player, coach, staff member, an even a fan to play as a goaltender.

Wayne Gretzky has the only number that is retired throughout the entire NHL (99).

Hockey pucks before every game are frozen to reduce bouncing during games.

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