From One Sports Mom to Another: Parents are getting a “BAD” Rap and I’m tired of it!

If you are a social media junky and follow any youth sports content, you can’t help but to see all the articles on “BAD” sports parents and how they are ruining youth sports.  I for one am getting tired of them getting all the attention.

As a crazy sports Mom, I’ve had my moments of yelling about bad calls, voicing frustration with coach’s decisions and grumbling about bad decisions players made.  I did my share of “back seat coaching” in the car after a game.  But that didn’t make me a bad sports parent, just a passionate one.

I also spent hours on fundraisers, being a team mom, coaching, fixing concession food, and all the hours that go into having a child play sports.  I cheered loudly for our team and sometimes even the opposing team.  I never got into a fight during a game (which is a good thing because I fight like a girl).

I agree that there are parents that should be banned from youth sports.  But these parents are not the majority and are getting too much press time.  If you sit in the stands and actually watch the parents, you will see that most are well behaved, beaming with pride when a good play is made and talking about how great their coaches are.  They spend their hard earned money on fees, equipment, apparel, fuel, hotel stays and give hours supporting their child and youth sport organizations.  They are “GOOD” sports parents and should be getting the admiration they deserve.

So instead of focusing on the “BAD”, let’s give a Shout Out to all the “GOOD” parents that make youth sports successful.

A “GOOD” Sports Parent


Tina Nipe is a recovering Crazy Sports Mom and the Founder of TenthDegree Technologies, LLC.  TenthDegree provides Sports League Management Software and Administrative Services for Sports Organizations.

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