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Sports League Management all in One Place

Why Choose eNSports

We've taken the long hours of league administration, automated it, simplified it and spread out the work to reduce the time it takes you to run a successful league.

We'll even do some of the work for you.

Why Choose

Anytime and Anywhere

Life happens, and you have to be ready.  You can communicate emergencies and cancellations easily and efficiently—wherever Internet access is available.

Return on Investment

Create a true return on investment.  We help you sell banner ads on your website to elevate your sponsors-and your revenues.  Put the proceeds towards anything you need and relieve your bottom line.

Back Office League Support

Tired of the rotating door of people helping you run the league?  We can help you keep the ball rolling by managing some of the day-to-day operations.   Including scheduling, communications, website updates and much more.

Simple to Use

User-friendly by design allows administrators to manage all registrants, send messages, schedule games, social media and website updates all in one place.


Simple pricing system to fit the needs of small to large sports organizations. No games on our field. We don't charge monthly. Our fees are paid when a player registers and you use the system all year.

No Additional Fees for Online Registration

Our online registration processing fees will be a "pass through," based on the current merchant services fees. We do not charge you costly "convenience fees."  You can choose if your organization will absorb the convenience fee or have the registrant pay the fee.

Out of the Park Features

Spread Out the Work

We know the amount of time you put into managing your league. We've taken our experience in league administration and created ways that allow you to spread out the work. Let your team managers, coaches and team parents help make the management easier.

  • Determine Access  to View Only or Edit/Update Information within all Portals
  • Customize what information can be been seen for Players
  • Coaches can schedule practices with criteria you decide
  • Equipment Management to make Distribution and Returns Easier
  • Determine if Coaches can Modify Information on Players
  • Participants self-manage their Information
  • Coaches see Attendance to make Practice Plans easier


Back Office Support

You don't just get software, you add our experienced staff to your staff. We keep your league running behind the scenes while you do what you love most.

  •  Schedule Support
  •  Social Media Management
  •  Reporting
  •  Communication
  • Equipment Management
  • League Branding
  • Sponsorships
  • PR and Marketing

Communication Tools

You're busy, your players and parents are busy. Keep everyone on the same page with our outstanding communication tools. Whether your people prefer texts, email or tweets, we have your bases covered. We make communication easy for you, and easy for them.

  • Emails
  • Text Messages
  • Website Updates
  • Social Media
  • Automated Practice and Game Reminders
  •  Automated  Schedule Change Notices


Your league has an identity, shouldn't your website look like your league? We create a professional website that fits your league brand. Just give us a few details and we'll setup your website for you.

  • Complete, Professional Website
  • Mobile Friendly, SEO Optimized
  • Highlight Sponsors and Partners
  • Individual Team Pages
  • Help your Players get Recruited with Player Pages

Online Registration

A customizable registration system for your league. Not all leagues are the same and we tailor the registration forms to meet your specific needs.

  • Register for Leagues, Tournaments, Events
  • Set Your Fees and Discounts
  • Age and Gender Options
  • Tryouts and Wait List
  • At a Glance Graphs to compare years


Easy to use, flexible scheduling system will have you done in no time.

  •  Schedule Games, Practices and Tournament
  •  Assign Concession Duties to the Games
  •  Multi-League Scheduling
  •  Automated notification of changes
  •  Place Schedule in Pending until schedule is finalized
  •  Automatically posted on website and team pages

Team Management

Build the Teams, Assign Coaches and Team Moms Quickly and Easily.

  •  Easy Drafting Tool
  •  Quickly Move Players and Make Changes
  •  Equipment Management
  •  Team Pages Stay Up To Date as Changes are Made
  • Player Stats
  • Automated Attendance Request
  • Coaches/Team Parent Access

Social Media Takeover

Automatically keep your social media updated with everything happening in your league.

  •  News and Events
  •  Articles relevant to your league
  •  Sponsor Shout Outs
  •  Parent/Player Interaction
  • Schedule Changes and Game Reminders

Who Uses ?

  • Youth Sports Leagues
  • Amateur Sports Leagues
  • Parks and Rec
  • Travel Teams
  • Little Leagues
  • Basketball Leagues
  • Cheer Squads
  • Golf Leagues
  • Gymnastics Programs
  • Football Leagues
  • Hockey Leagues
  • Lacrosse Leagues
  • Softball Leagues
  • Soccer Leagues
  • Volleyball Leagues

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