What was the First Team Sport Invented?

Tsu Chu was the first sport to ever be recorded

Where it all began...

It all began in China around 200-300 B.C. as a military exercise. It was very similar to soccer and was a favorite in China. Tsu Chu means “kicking ball with feet” and just like soccer they were never allowed the use of hands in this sport.

How it started...

This became very popular in the military and soon spread throughout China becoming a nationwide favorite sport especially among the wealthy. This sport was a favorite of China for about 2,000 years! However, during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) it started to lose its popularity and slowly disappeared throughout China.

What became of this sport?

It is said that soccer originates from this sport even though there are many differences in the rules and the playing style. FIFA claims that soccer does originate from Tsu Chu because of the similarities between the two.

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