Why is Water Always the Best Choice

People don’t give water much credit these days. Nowadays they just push it to the side and drink soda or energy drinks instead. All of those drinks don't offer sufficient nutrients and they aren’t healthy. Water is one of the most under rated drinks but it’s the healthiest drink on the market. There are so many benefits to water, not to mention our bodies are made up of 70 percent water. So, what can water do for you?

It helps you lose weight

Before every meal drink a glass of water because it helps you feel more full, which in turn helps to stop overeating.

It makes you less fatigued

After a long workout or during a workout, being properly hydrated will help you not get exhausted as quick.

It helps you by preventing headaches

If you stay properly hydrated the likeliness of getting a headache is very slim. However if you do have a headache try to drink about two to four cups of water, and the headache should die down after about an hour.

It gives you more energy

If you get tired during the day that could mean you’re not properly hydrated. To wake yourself up just drink a glass of water to give you back some energy.

It helps you stay focused

If you’re trying to study all night or you’re working a late shift water is a great way to keep you focused and on task.

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